About City Help

Who We Are

We clean corners, We don’t cut them

A professionally driven Cleaning Services Company in Sharjah and Dubai, offering a wide variety of comprehensive, intensive, and progressive cleaning services with the sole purpose of giving you the kind of environment you deserve – a hygienic, thus, a healthy life.

As committed management and a team of dedicated workers who prioritize clients’ satisfaction, we provide high-quality, reliable cleaning services for commercial, corporate, industrial and residential clients.


As a proactive and striving entity, we aim at taking cleaning services to a whole new level of speed, cost-effectiveness, and development.


We are a driven, ethical, and professional cleaning services company who aims at redefining the concept of cleaning services in Sharjah and Dubai become a leading entity in the UAE.

About us City Help
Our Ethics and Values

Our Ethics and Values

We abide by a professional code of morals:

  • Client-focused:

    We serve our clients as if we are serving ourselves. Their feedback is highly-appreciated and is utilized to improve our offers.

  • Green care:

    Our cleaning products are all made from natural materials, making sure that we also help in preserving the green community.

  • Modern approach:

    We give a professional training to our personnel, to make sure our clients get nothing less than high-quality Cleaning Services. We focus with the happenings of the modern changes in the field from around us, moving to the pace of technologies not only to stay in tune but also to stay in our step-ahead status in the field of Cleaning Solutions.

  • Strategic thinking:

    The future belongs to those who always think in terms of “tomorrow starts today”. We invest in our long-term community relations, to preserve a golden image in the eyes of our environment which we genuinely support and care for.

City Help’s Philosophy

City Help Cleaning Company in Sharjah gives you access to encompassing and professional Cleaning Services in the UAE, wherein you can enjoy the privilege of instant booking, with upfront pricing, availability, and ratings of vigilant professionals.

Don’t waste your time searching for Cleaning Services in Sharjah and Dubai; instead go out, enjoy a walk in the park, ride your bicycle and have that ice-cream.