Villa & House Cleaning Services

We take good care of the space in which you wake up, eat, shower and sleep. This is your den, your kingdom of relaxation and privacy this is why we provide you with high-end villa and House Cleaning Services. Your place, our mission.



Your green space is our masterpiece. Our Gardening Services include: Garden Care, Weed and Pest Control, Landscaping, Irrigation System, Installation and Repairs. We also provide Trimming and Hedging, Lawn Restoration and Repair.


External Area:

Our team of professionals does not only maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of your interior, but your exterior area as well.


Pool Cleaning and Maintenance:

One of your most favorite places in your home is your pool; and we make sure it’s kept clean so you can enjoy plunging into its cool water on hot days. The walls and floor of the pool must be preserved to prevent algae and other infestations.

Our team provides pumps and filters; we add recommended chemicals, and we use nylon brushes to clean the tiles and walls of the pool – a stainless steel brush is used to get rid of algae on the walls – and we also inspect the walls or vinyl liner for cracks or tears and repair them with a toolkit that is appropriate for your pool.


Car cleaning:

If you have a car, we can clean it as well.