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11 Best Deep Cleaning Tips And Tricks That Will Make Your Home Sparkle

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Now that it’s already summer, the time has come to finally lay back and plan on how you can keep your homes clean and comfortable the whole season. If you are going to be busy for the following months, it’s best if you already book house cleaning services in Dubai. Look for your most trusted cleaning company in Dubai then let them do their jobs, so you can start checking off your summer bucket list!

However, if you want to try and clean your own homes yourself, grab your pair of gloves, keep your pets in their cages for a while or let them run free around your background, and read these effective tips about deep cleaning in Dubai!

Tips And Tricks

  1. Clean your blinds around the house using a sock. Dip the sock with vinegar and part water. It’s better if you put on the sock around your hand so you can reach all corners of the blinds.
  2. Wash your mattress using the nozzle of your vacuum so it could suck the dirt and dust up. To remove odors and stains, you can utilize an upholstery cleaner.
  3. Your lampshades, especially the dark themed ones, can be easily tramped with dirt and dust. You can use a lint roller to get it off the lampshade.
  4. Scrub your kitchen cabinets.
  5. Clean your sink using lemon and baking soda.
  6. De-clutter your fridge and clean its interior and exterior as well. While you’re at it, it’s also advisable to throw away all the perishable goods that need to be discarded.
  7. Your oven ( especially its inside ) must be cleaned with a mixed solution of baking soda, dishwashing liquid, and vinegar.
  8. If you think your desktops and laptops ( even your mobile phones ) also need some grooming, you can use a coffee filter to wipe your screens clean.
  9. For your sofas and pillows, you can try using a Dawn dish soap and let it sit for a while so the stains and odor will be gone after you wipe the spots with a clean cloth.
  10. Do you see carpet stains? The best way to remove it is to spray a mixture of vinegar and water. Place a wet rag over the spot then iron it – this works like magic!
  11. And of course, make sure that you are using the right cleaning products – so that its effectiveness is assured as well.

However, you can always call us for help. We, City Help, are a cleaning company in Dubai specializing in deep cleaning, house cleaning, and other cleaning needs you might require.

Contact us anytime and we will leave your homes spotless and hygienic!