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4 Dirty Things In Your House & How To Clean Them

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Disclaimer: If you are a germophobe or mild germophobe, this article might trigger it, so read with caution!

Every day, we do various tasks – we wake up in the morning and tread the day with lots of activities in mind. From the moment we wake up and use certain things we need to use at home, we might not know it but germs and bacteria come in contact with us. Believe it or not, even your most favorite items at home are filled with unseen bacteria – and this is the number one reason why house cleaning is important.

Villa cleaning is imperative. You must do it for you and your family. You always get your hands dirty every time – and this can be bad for your family’s health, too.

In this article, we’ll tell you some items or places in your home that accumulate most germs and bacteria that can be dangerous to your health.

1- Sponge and Dishcloth

All the items that you use to clean your hands are the filthiest objects that you can touch. Kitchen sponge, dishcloths, towels, and all the other items that you use in cleaning are actually dirty. Ironic, yes, but it’s the truth! You’re prone to Salmonella if you expose yourself too much with these items.

2- Faucet Handles

You wash your hands so you can wash all the dirt away, right? Little do you know that the very faucet that you use for cleaning is actually dirty. The faucet handle can easily accumulate molds and bacteria, which is why you need to clean it with disinfectant daily.

3- All kinds of handles

Doors, refrigerator handles, sinks, taps, and all kinds of handles are prone to bacteria and germs. Since you always use them in your everyday life, more likely, you can get these germs as well. If not careful, it can make you sick as well.

4- Phones

We all know how much we love to use our mobile phones – we almost can’t get it out of our hands anymore. And since we put it anywhere, use it every day, and NEVER even try to wipe or disinfect it ( because not all phones are water-resistant ), of course, it will accumulate germs and bacteria as well. Sorry guys, you have to clean your phones once in a while if you don’t want to receive a text message from your doctor that you’re sick.

In these circumstances, it’s advisable to hire cleaning services company that can effectively clean your homes and eradicate germs as much as possible. Not only for the sake of having an alluring place but also for your family’s health as well.

At City Help, you can trust that our professional team of cleaners will do their best to make sure that we will leave your home with 100% cleanliness and orderliness after each service we do for you.

Feel free to contact us anytime you need any of our services at City Help.