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Plan for a Clutter-Free Summer With These Cleaning Tips!

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Now that summer has finally arrived in Dubai, we can now expect the scorching sun, strong sandstorms, and dirt which you don’t know where it came from!

In the summertime, playing and going out is easy and fun. Your kids might be outside your home taking the time of their lives, you may plan getaways with your family or friends, and you can be outside the whole summertime.

But if you plan on staying indoors, you must still know how you should keep your place clean and orderly. If you want your home to survive this hot season and retain its sanitation, you must know the most effective cleaning practices. Of course, you can still contact the best cleaning company in Dubai that you know if you need professional help. You can come to City Help if you want – CityHelp give the most reliable cleaning services. We can help you anytime and you can trust the credibility of our cleaners.

For the meantime, here are the tips that we can share with you. Do these and assure that your home will be clean all summer!

  1. The first thing that you should never forget is to put a good doormat on your front door and all the entryways around your home. These washable rugs will stand as a stomper which dirt and dust will be accumulated and prevented from getting inside your home.
  1. In your bathrooms, you should always turn the exhaust fan on to prevent too much humid inside the bathroom. Empty the wastebaskets as often as possible and organize your closet and cabinets.
  1. And if you are often inside your home during summer, you will be prone to clutter and litter. So, make sure that you de-clutter as often as possible. And before you start any cleaning procedure, you must de-clutter first, so that you will not be bothered by scattered items whilst you’re cleaning.
  1. For your bedrooms, the first thing to do is to sort your things – throw useless items, donate the ones that you’re not using anymore, and organize what’s left after de-cluttering. Next is to dust ceiling fans, windows, furniture, and appliances. Change the curtains, blinds, bed sheets, and pillowcases. Last is to sweep, mop, and vacuum your bedroom floor.

It’s important to make your home clean all the time so it would impose a refreshing atmosphere and ambiance. As a reputable cleaning and maintenance company in Dubai, we will take the burden off you and clean your home whenever you ask us to. We’re always ready to attend to your needs and requirements.


If you need a reputable cleaning & maintenance company in Dubai, you can come to us at City Help, if you want – we give the most reliable cleaning services.